• Analogue and digital audio changeover, 4 inputs / 2 outputs
  • Output level can be set by user. The permitted values range from -24.0 dBFs to 0.0dBFs for the Digital part while they range from -10.0 dBu to +14.0 dBu for the Analog part.
  • Broadcast digital audio DSP-based
  • 4 analog/digital inputs and 2 analog/digital outputs with SRC converter
  • Any kind of commutation managed by the D/A and A/D converter
  • Input to output switch and fade with customizable time intervention and restore Alternation between News/Data-Songs RT/RT+/PS/PTY/PTYN
  • Features audio: Denoiser Module, AGC Stage , input delay and Tone Generator
  • Graphic LCD display and front panel button for monitor and control
  • Internal DTMF Encoder / Decoder for automation system
  • 1 Ethernet, 1 Rs232 Serial port, 1 USB and GPIO Port

ST-AUX2000 is a fully digital audio changeover, designed for Radio and TV broadcast marketplace.

Fox matches the most high-end broadcast use requirements, with two analog inputs, two digital inputs, one analog output and one digital output. All the inputs can be routed to a different audio output thanks to the A/D and D/A converter, so that any kind of switch between different inputs can be managed.


Switching policies between inputs and outputs are fully user-configurable in order to suit individual requirements. Furthermore ST-AUX2000 plays inside the entire audio chain the delicate role of program supervisor, thanks to an integrated audio detector and the ability to generate an alarm when the nominal operating conditions are not met. When an alarm rises, a switching command via GPO is provided. ST-AUX2000 presents in the front side a graphic LCD display that shows the levels of analog and digital inputs and outputs and the alarms detected during the normal use. The control software comes for free with ST-AUX2000 and allows the configuration of the timing and the policy of intervention/recovery of switching; displaying levels of input and outputs signals and configure every working parameter. It is also possible to save the data to a single device and create a database for all the ST-AUX2000 in operation into the chain. The process is based on DSP audio and the audio features included are: Denoiser, that eliminates unwanted noise on the audio chain; the Delay module, a delay line applicable to a fully synchronous input in order to keep all audio sources.

During the process of alignment and calibration of the audio network, a Tone Generator generates with variable sample frequency and amplitude is provided with ST-AUX2000 and available on Analog and/or Digital outputs. Furthermore, a DTMF encoder and a DTMF decoder with customizable strings, allow the remote management of automation systems.